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Managing a hotel is not an easy task, is it? We need to have control over activities, reservations, payments, product inventory, etc. To handle tasks, you will need knowledge about your business, a good deal of organization, and the help of hotel management software to keep all information accurate and accessible.

The use of technology has become a necessity for any business that wants to stay competitive in this industry. If you are managing a sports program within a hotel/resort, the system must allow you to quickly generate daily reports, automate repetitive tasks, and seamlessly exchange information with other departments within the same organization. Below are some features and benefits an efficient Resort Management Software has to offer:

Operational & Financial Organization

All the daily tasks of a hotel must be organized, avoiding unforeseen events that compromise the credibility of your business.

Through a CRM for Hotels and Resorts, it is possible to interconnect all these tasks. Software normally allows, in an integrated way, to control check-in, check-out, overbook, reservations, stock, cash, accounts payable, governance, among many other features.

Time Saving

How many hours of your day are spent on activities related to the management of your hotel/sports program? How much time do you spend performing manual tasks that could be automated? The day-to-day operational activities consume a lot of time, which could be used in the execution of strategic activities or the relationship with guests.

Service Agility

One way to delight your guests is the agility in service. People are increasingly busy and do not want to waste their time waiting. Providing an agile and accessible system shows your customers that you are up-to-date with the latest tools available in the market. With that, consider implementing a Customer Experience Software to help driving revenue up and improve your client’s experience during their stay.

Information Security

All data on activities bookings and reservations are stored in the cloud. The article “Cloud Based Software: Key Advantages for Your Business” explains why you should consider implementing a cloud-based system compared to on-premise software. Managing your hotel with paper only is a big risk that can lead to financial losses, lack of information, inaccurate data, and constant human errors.

Cloud-based systems are used by businesses and organizations that need access to information about their clients at any given time during the day while keeping all information safely stored.

Increased Revenue

Being dependent on traditional communication tools to sell activities/reservations is an unfriendly, time consuming, and costly practice. This is because implementing systems that are not interconnected causes the creation of silos in an organization, generating inaccurate data. Clients do not like to be kept waiting and researches show that customers tend to give up on a purchase if the waiting time is too long.

With the use of an online booking system, you can sell services directly to clients without the need for a mediator. That’s because they can make reservations through a booking engine in which customers can buy directly on your website or App.

Cost Reduction

One of the main advantages brought by the digitization of your business is the reduction of costs. The software offers financial control, activities tracking, human resources management, and organization of cash flow.

Thus, it becomes possible to identify and eliminate unnecessary expenses, reallocate resources for more productive activities, and increase your profits, all without neglecting the comfort and good hospitality offered to your guests.

Data Integration

The implementation of the software facilitates the integration of data from different departments of the company, or even from branches that are geographically distant from each other.

The ability to organize this information is essential when it comes to closing an annual balance sheet and to decide on a new strategy. Inaccurate information can be adversely affected by a large volume of data from different disconnected sources. With cloud-based software, this information is gathered in a single database, which can be consulted remotely at any time.

Better Use of Human Capital

By reducing the workload, teams can be better used to perform tasks that impact your company’s growth. Without being overwhelmed by a huge volume of repetitive tasks, the staff can bring new solutions, and contribute to productivity more effectively.

Implement a digital system so you can allocate resources in areas that you have identified as in need of improvement. Instead of using multiple staff to take on restaurant reservations or sports activities, implement a mobile booking system to allow clients to make bookings via App.

Deadlines Control

This is probably one of the biggest benefits the digitisation of processes can bring to your business. A good business management software gives you a complete overview of actions performed by clients and employees. Preparing revenue forecasts, anticipating utilisation rates, and planning for future eventualities is only possible by having access to reliable and readily available data.

Summarizing, nowadays it is practically impossible to manage hotels and resorts without the aid of technology. They optimize business management processes and improve customer experiences. Through that, all the processes and activities developed are carefully controlled, offering greater security and agility in accessing information and preserving data. The use of software only adds value to the hotel industry and it should be part of all businesses’ routines.

JogaApp Software is helping businesses to reduce costs and optimise their processes daily. Send us a message at and connect with a member of our team to find out how we can help you and your business as well.

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