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Much has been said about Cloud Based Software or Cloud Based Business Management Software and its benefits, but what is Cloud Based Software, and what advantages can it bring to your business?

Cloud Based Software can be defined as any type of software that is accessed using an internet connection. In other words, the term is used to define a set of IT solutions in which the execution of user requests is done in a data center and not locally. This generates a series of changes in the user experience. Updates, for example, are made directly on the server, ensuring easy access to new features. Also, management is centralized, with changes being applied quickly.

The software in the cloud is ideal for the modern work environment, and below is a list of the most popular benefits found among them:


As data and systems are stored outside a personal computer, it is possible to access them through other laptops, smartphones, or tablets. An internet connection is enough to guarantee access, and that means that you can access the system through any computer, smartphone, or tablet from anywhere as long as you have access to an internet connection. The information will be secure and available online 24/7. This can be seen as a strategic factor as customer support can now be done with accurate data and greater agility.

Another advantage is those home office routines are adopted without loss of productivity. By bringing more flexibility, the company will be able to reduce costs and maintain functional routines even when employees are away from the corporate environment.


The accessibility to accurate data across departments and immediate system synchronization allows companies to increase internal communication and productivity. This technology is very useful for those who have geographically distant teams, or those who are not able to physically exchange information consistently.

With a Cloud Based Software, employees can access company data, generate reports, product information, and share it in real-time. The same information can be controlled, viewed, and edited by several people. Applications in the cloud will also create an integrated workspace that is crucial for companies seeking to maintain a collaborative environment and professionals acting with agility and security.


Cloud computing providers use international security standards, such as advanced encryption, SSL, among others. Therefore, the chances of invasions and loss of confidential data are practically nil.

Another factor is related to data and file storage. While companies make backups traditionally, taking hours to make copies, this process is automatic in the cloud system, so in case of an error, the data will still be available. As an example, at Joga, vulnerabilities of devices used by users will not affect the execution of the tool, reducing the risk of being exposed to third parties.


In traditional systems, the support of an IT team is necessary to update and optimize the operation of the software chosen for the company’s management, and this service is individual (per machine), expensive and can take a long time.

For this reason, the cloud system becomes a great tool as it allows for new versions of the contracted systems to be available and updated in simple steps. All professionals will have quick access to new features, bug fixes, improved security, and this will lead to an IT environment with high performance and reliability.


Operational scalability is the company’s ability to manage its resources as demands for services fluctuates. With cloud computing, managers can modify solutions contracted by the enterprise at any time, ensuring that all users can work without operational interruptions.

This will also influence the company’s medium and long-term planning. The investment strategy will be based on the company’s ability to save financial resources through a more compact infrastructure and capacity to adapt to the needs of the business. As a consequence, innovative tools with a high financial return are easily used.


Simplifying management processes can be critical for the company to take full advantage of cloud computing. With the migration to cloud environments, technicians and analysts will be able to configure solutions on a centralized platform. Backup routines are performed automatically, using automated processes. Together with the automatic monitoring of resources, these factors contribute to a great improvement in the business management routines.

Companies can now define strategies with a greater focus on users’ demands, given that they will invest less time in solving problems and in preventive routines. At the same time, critical projects (such as the adoption of new systems) will gain agility and performance. Cloud computing is an innovative technology that enables enterprises to optimize processes, serve their target audience, while becoming scalable, gaining security, and increasing performance. Professionals can have a flexible and highly mobile work routine guaranteeing a continuous service provision to customers and business partners.

JogaApp Software is helping businesses to reduce costs and optimize their processes daily. Send us a message at and connect with a member of the JogaApp team to find out how we can help you and your business as well.


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