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It seems like you might be overwhelmed with all the requests your clients have, your staff seem distracted and they do not do their job. Technology has arrived and moved with an unforeseen speed and it feels like it doesn’t bring anything to the table for your business. In technology, every day something new comes out and it looks like something better will be available tomorrow anyways. So why should you implement a business management software at your club today if it will have to be changed “tomorrow”! Also, what if you cannot handle such an implementation. Maybe you do not feel ready for it. What if something goes wrong and you lose your reputation? Is your IT department able to handle the change, and what if there is no IT department at all? Who is going to handle all the furious people coming back to you!?

There has been a lot of confusion on the digital transformation and products available. Most clubs’ managers have been disappointed in trying new products and are scared that they will not be able to handle such a technological upgrade. In fact, they are overwhelmed with their job already, and they are not looking for additional problems. Why should they trust a specific product; and what product works, if any?

Cloud-based software:

It is thanks to the cloud that revolutionary improvements started to happen into the service industry. In fact, the cloud has given an opportunity for applications to become connected like never before, and at a much more accessible price. We can now create affordable applications which will allow your business to be extremely connected at any moment and place. This revolution empowered field experts from the service industry with direct background in club management to create detail-oriented software aimed at solving real problems, something not possible in the past. Previously, only big software companies were able to launch and run software, so it was unfeasible for any substantial change to occur since software created before the cloud was available, was built with different objectives. JogaApp software is an example of this revolution.


For many years clubs have been trying to adapt to changes in the industry. A club with departments like aquatic, spa, tennis, and restaurant, was not able to have a single solution to the problems created by the evolution of clients’ behavior. Throughout the years, adjusting to the customers these clubs were forced to keep improving their departments and programs. However, clients’ scheduling and staff management in aquatics are different compared to a spa, and for this reason, for many years different departments went their own way with rules, style and even software used. This unalignment created inefficiency among departments, something we call silos. Today most of the clubs operate like they have multiple companies within their own structure, and this is the real reason why clubs are wasting precious resources and money.

Don’t go for the revolution

Don’t you feel tired of looking for the perfect digital solution for your operation?

A digital revolution at your club feels like a hazard and a risky bet. What if your clients don’t like it and they leave, or just make your life miserable?

We need to respect our clients and staff. At your place business has been done successfully for too many years in order to just reset all things at once. So how can we ask different departments which have totally different models of operation with people deeply involved in it, to adopt a single business management software? The answer is a customized and tailored system. The only software that will make sure all data and schedules can be combined in one single solution is a software made respecting the rules and behavioral patterns your clients and staff have.

Digital can help!

But why should you go digital at all? It seems like too much of a hassle and risk.

The reality is different. Please check the previous article How Going Digital Can Benefit Your Business where we talk about the must go digital reasons related to your clients and staff.

The world is asking all of us to adapt. Technology has given the opportunity to digitize full operations and even companies. We spend way too much time in repetitive tasks due to the lack of digitization. A cloud-based software is giving us the opportunity to give a mobile app to our staff, to our clients and to our managers. The whole program’s database can be added to the cloud and made accessible to our users via smartphone no matter where they are at any given time. Work can be done on the go with full mobility, empowerment and delegation.

Now we need a software solution which can enable this process focusing on the needs and requirements of the individual departments of the same club. This software must be able to continuously adapt to the never-ending technological evolution of the service industry in a way that you are always up to the trend and you do not have to worry about possible disruptive changes.

With JogaApp everything can be accessible from anywhere in the world. Your club will become digital and any change in your database whether performed by clients or staff will be instantly updated on its own. In this way JogaApp will automate your business and simplify your processes!   Feel free to contact us at for a free consultation. Our experts will be happy to hear about your business and suggest the most appropriate digital solution for you.


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