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Professionalization is the first step for a company to grow. So, as a company gains more customers, it needs to make its processes more efficient. With that in mind, a sports club management system must be intelligent, guaranteeing the quality of service to its members.

Responsible for organizing all information related to bookings/reservations, the system manages requests, streamline processes, and store all data in the company’s database history. It ensures that bookings/reservations are carried out in a transparent and efficient flow, minimizing the occurrence of errors, and offering good support to the staff.

But do you understand how these systems work? Do you know the advantages and features it offers daily? Do you know what kind of mistakes it can avoid and how it contributes to good service to your customers? To clarify these and other doubts, continue to read this article!


Designed to organize demands and reservations, they are software and applications that integrate multiple functions. It can be used and accessed by the reception staff, managers, field professionals, and customers via website and app.

Integrated with other automation systems, the software becomes indispensable for the efficiency of the processes within a company, offering greater comfort to members and practicality for employees. It also lets you see the registration data, the availability of sessions and facilities, and the payment status, among other important information.

For the customer, the system is extremely versatile and can be accessed from computers, smartphones, or tablets. For all this mobility, it is possible to make a booking/reservation anywhere 24/7.


Taking tennis as an example, to book a tennis lesson or a tennis court, a sports/recreational club must have a website or app that allows the customer(s) to make a booking independently. Time slots availability status is connected directly to the company’s database, allowing customers, receptionists, and managers to obtain accurate information about the sessions and facilities in real-time.

The consumer has the opportunity to view all the information they need to make a decision: the types of sessions, photos of the facilities, the features offered, how much it will cost, and payment method(s) accepted. It can all be made available through social networks, such as Facebook, and be integrated with a smartphone application. Thus, the chances of publicizing your establishment and attracting customers become much greater.



Harmonizing the practicality required by today’s daily life, businesses modernize their processes by streamlining and automating repetitive tasks. Providing functional systems allows operations to minimize the problem of information inaccuracy, response delays, and wrongful charges that can cause avoidable frustration to customers.


Acting with increased availability, automatic systems allow reservations to be made 24 hours a day, regardless of the hours of the company’s employees. This method also increases the number of people interested in and increases the number of confirmed bookings.

In addition to being more practical than traditional reservations, the 24/7 service mechanisms bring greater productivity to the team, who can dedicate themselves to other functions directly with your members.


With the availability promoted by networked applications and systems, businesses can use their communication channels to streamline and carry out reservation actions. By systematizing the information, automatic responses can be programmed, eliminating the need for an employee to attend.

WhatsApp and Facebook can be used to increase customer’s reach, as well as corporate applications developed especially for your business. If you are not sure whether you need a Customized Club Management Software, the article How to Choose the Right Club Management System offers some information that might help you make that decision.


The Business app can bring informative content that is useful to customers. Data can be presented at the time of booking including, location, fees involved, times available, type of service, terms and conditions, among others. One of the great advantages is making this information available in multiple languages, so at first contact, via app or website, the customer is aware of the options and can make choices in a personalized way.


Missed sessions, no-shows, late cancellations, and many other situations are obviously undesired, but they are a reality faced by many businesses, and they frequently cause revenue losses. This can be prevented with automatic invitation functionality where clients who had been placed in a waitlist receive an automated invitation notifying them about a slot that has just become available for booking. This allows fulfilling sudden empty slot(s) and increases the client’s satisfaction.

Customers’ autonomy provides comfort and quality assurance, giving more control so that people can easily act without the dependency of others. Without having to go through the reception, the changes become more practical, helping to organize the general functions of your business.

JogaApp Software is helping businesses to optimize processes and increase revenue. Contacts us at and connect with a member of the JogaApp team to find out how we can help you and your business as well.


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